Music/Art Appreciation

Piano And Music Notes

Music Appreciation and Art History Series

Music Appreciation: Renaissance Music – Music for a New Beginning (and a New Year)
Every Second Tuesday of the month!

The Renaissance was a fabulous period of invention and creativity. Its music is beautiful and timeless. We will enjoy the melodies of the Italian, English, and Spanish courts, including the coronation music for Queen Elizabeth. This wonderful hour will also include samples from the earlier Medieval period. Gorgeous and romantic dance melodies will be a treat for your ears and your mind.
Tue, Jan 8, 2-3pm. Free/M, $15/NM.

About your Instructor: Chris Burns
Chris Burns, M.A., has taught “history through music” for over 35 years, originally focusing on world history through the lens of classical music. At Valley Center Pauma Unified School District he served as a Music Demonstration Teacher, Mentor Teacher for Music, and Music Teacher for the Advanced Learner Program. He also taught classes at UCSD and SDSU Extension; classes included “Using Music to Enhance Learning,” ”Basic Musicianship,” and “Classical Music for the Educator.” 

Chris continues his commitment to teaching history through music at the San Diego History Center, providing their education program with interactive music events on the history of California through music. In addition, he has performed music events in U.S. History and San Diego History for OASIS, Cabrillo National Monument and Mission Trails Park.  His classes on classical music focus on the beauty and variety of the music and its historical context. Chris also performs regularly as one-half of ‘Many-Strings.’  This hammered dulcimer and guitar duo focuses on popular classical themes, Celtic, and American folk music.  They perform regularly at Scripps Health, local art galleries, libraries, parks, and retail environments.


Art History
3 Part Series
Part 1 – The Life and Artistic Contributions of Picasso and His Peers
Receive a visually rich background of the era and the art created and learn about the socio, politic, and economic influences upon artists and see how the world in which artists worked is reflected in their work. There will be lecture and discussion. Presented by Rene’ MacVay.
Part 2 – Feb 21: The Life and Artistic Contributions of Rembrandt and His Peers.
Part 3 – Mar 21: The Life and Artistic Contributions of GMC: Giotto, Masaccio, and Caravaggio.

Thu, Jan 17, 9:30-10:30am.
Series $30/M, $40/NM. Drop-In
$12/M, $15/NM per class.