Class Descriptions

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“Yoga for Healthy Living”
This class focuses on Yoga for healthy living, and provides easy techniques for integrating the principles of Yoga into your daily activities.  Each class begins with guided awareness and breathing techniques.  The goal is to provide profound inner tranquility, transformation and healing.  The Yoga poses will focus on promoting core opening, strength, flexibility and stability as well as good circulation and healthy muscles, bones and joints.  After doing Yoga poses, we will finish with a guided awareness for deep relaxation to melt away tensions, and promote inner tranquility, healing, serenity and peace of mind.  All are welcome.  Yoga poses will be adapted for all abilities and body types.    
Tue, 12:30-2pm. $13/M, $15/NM.

Jazz Dance Class with Alexandra
Enjoy 1 hour of jazz dance! Class is designed for beginner dancers looking for an energetic session while having a fun time.  Learn a wide range of moves using a variety of music styles. You will learn basic steps and combos and will develop coordination, balance and strength. Come alone or with friends!
Class taught by Alexandra Jeannin. This class is made possible thanks to The San Diego Foundation and the Florence Riford Community Fund.
Sat, May 20, 27, 10:25am – 11:25am. Free in May for Members, $10/NM.

NEW TIME! Strong Core, Happy Back
Focusing on several exercises that will strengthen the abdominals, back, and lower leg muscles to promote better spinal alignment, decrease back pain, increase flexibility increase strength and help you move better. Exercises can be performed using a mat or seated. Please bring: large towel, mat and water.
Every Monday, 2pm. Free/M, $8/NM.

Art Class with Live Model – Uninstructed
Join artists from all levels to paint from a live model.
Saturdays, 10am-1pm. Model Fee + Free/M, $5/NM. Reservations required to secure your spot: Dottie Stanley at

Social Bridge Every Wed, 12:30pm. Walk-Ins welcome!

French Conversation Every Tue, 10:30am. FREE/M, $5/NM.

Social Scrabble Group
Scrabble is a great way to meet people and stimulate the brain! 4 players are needed per game so call in advance to reserve a seat to play.
Every SECOND & FOURTH Tuesday, 2:30pm. FREE/M, $5/NM.

Guided Primordial Sound Meditation
Meditation made easy for beginners. Come and feel your inner peace. Taught by Michelle Stallone-Eggers, Chopra Center Certified Instructor.
Tue, 4:45pm. $5/M, $8/NM.

Functional Flow Yoga
This new class involves poses that promote healthy joints, strength building, stretching, conscious breathing, meditation and deep relaxation. Benefits include: increase d energy, stress relief, better breath, improved mobility to enhance daily life.
Mon, 10:45am. $7/M, $10/NM.

Svaroopa® Yoga for Stress Relief
Yoga poses, deep relaxations and pranayama breathing, to release and decompress your whole spine from tail to top. Relieving back pain and reducing stress. Experience a whole new way to live inside your skin in this restorative style of yoga. Everyone welcome.
Sat, 2:30-4pm. Wed 9-10:30am. $13/M, $15/NM.

Focuses on hypnotic Latin rhythms and very easy-to-follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness program. Benefits: tones, enhances bone density, strength and flexibility, boosts metabolism and improves cognitive functions.
Tue at 8:15am & Fri at 8:30am, $10/M, $12/NM.

Line Dancing
It’s not just for two but for everyone! Come experience a fun workout while learning new and favorites dances taught by Pat Murray.
Mon & Thu, 1pm. $5/M, $7/NM. Registration and payment in advance required for February classes.

Ico-Dance offers a supportive, gently paced and low-impact class in expressive dance.  Added benefits of enhancing flexibility, balance, energy, emotional connection and body confidence.
Mon, 9am. $7/M, $12/NM.

Silver Age Yoga
A very gentle style of hatha yoga designed to meet the specific health concerns and challenges seniors face, balance, posture, breathing and stretching.
Tue, 10am & Thu, 9am. $4-8 donation.

Kundalini Yoga – VIDEO ONLY
Focuses on breathing and meditation and involves stretching and cardiovascular exercises.
Fri, 11:15am. Free/M, $8/NM.

Deep Yoga Flow
Connects breath to movement, so the physical practice of Yoga (asana) becomes a meditation in motion that fosters flexibility, strength, focus and clarity.
Wed, 11am & Sat, 11:30am. $5/M, $10/NM.

Qi Gong Style Tai Chi
T’ai Chi is a very gentle exercise that will benefit any age person coping with arthritis in joints by using easy movement to lubricate joints, and lowering high blood pressure by natural calming and relaxation.
Wed, 7pm & Thu, 10:30am. $5/M, $6/NM.

Chair Yoga
This gentle yoga flow class focuses on alignment with attention to breath, movement, and meditation. Poses are practiced on chairs and standing.
Thu, 10:15am. Free to all.

Ashtanga Flow Yoga
A fast-paced, vigorous class based on the principles of Ashtanga. Suitable for active individuals, with any level of experience with yoga. Build strength, endurance, and flexibility while cultivating focus in a moving mediation.
Sat, 9-10:15am. Free/M, $5/NM.

Movie Club: Musical Mondays
* All films subject to change without notice.
All showings at 10:30am. Free/M, $5/NM.

Movie Club: International Films
* All films subject to change without notice.
All showings at 1:30pm. Free/M, $5/NM.

Spanish Class
Intermediate Conversation: Starts Tue, Feb 7.
4 week session- Tue, May 2, 9, 23, 30 , 2:00-3:25pm. Instructor Alicia Flores.
$65/M, $75/NM.

Balance Class
Do you want to improve your balance? Do you have a fear of falling? If so, get ready to improve with this interactive balance class! Receive information on preventative exercises and techniques to keep your balance throughout the day.
Fri, 10am. FREE/M, $8/NM.

Italian: Intermediate
Whether you are planning a trip to Italy, challenging yourself, or simply embracing the beautiful Italian language and culture, our classes will provide the framework that is necessary to communicate effectively in real life situations. Learn from an amazing instructor who makes learning Italian fun and easy. Instructor: Paola Baracco.
NEW COURSE COMING SOON. $130/M, $150/NM. 8 week course. Minimum number of students required.

Café Español: Intermediate to Advanced Conversation
Have you been studying Spanish? Are you ready to practice in a FUN conversation setting? Do not miss this amazing opportunity to improve, learn and develop your Spanish conversation skills. Class lead by Olga Fabrick, native speaker and trained in Second Language Acquisition Methodology.
Every Wednesday, 2:15pm. Free/M, $5/NM.

This Month in La Jolla History
By Dr. Linda Pequegnat featuring stories about La Jolla from her book, “This Day In San Diego History”. This month learn: When were the first two 80-acre lots sold in La Jolla? – and what was the price of each lot? When was there a vineyard of 5,000 grapevines growing in La Jolla? When did Ellen Browning Scripps build her home on Prospect Street? – and what was the population of La Jolla at that time? What is located there now? Learn this and more!
Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, 11:30am. Free/M, $5/NM.