Class Descriptions

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Dance & Condition to the Rhythm of Blues
Improve and correct posture, strengthen main muscle groups, increase flexibility, balance and more. Recuperate a range of movements and strength all while enjoying the magic of various styles of music. Instructor, Alicia Quaini, has over 40 years of experience in performance and teaching and has studied many forms of yoga and dance techniques to improve health and motor skills. Ask about private lessons.
Registration required (858) 459-0831. Class starts Sep 10.
Mon, 11am, 4 classes $50/M, $55/NM. Drop in $15/class.

Salsa and Latin Rhythms – NEW TIME!
Energizing, fat dropping, endorphin releasing, all of that and more in the Salsa and Latin Rhythms for every age. Instructor, Alicia Quaini, has traveled the world to learn dances in their place of origin. Cumbia and Ballenato in Colombia, Salsa in Peru and Cuba, Tango in Argentina and more.
Registration required (858) 459-0831. Class starts Sep 10.
Mon, 1pm,
4 classes $50/M, $55/NM. Drop in $15/class.

Strength & Flexibility
Try a variety of strengthening and flexibility exercises designed to help increase muscle tone and range of motion. Benefits are improved posture and balance. Exercise progressions are taught to make this 60 minute workout appropriate for all fitness levels.
Thu, 2:30pm. Free/M, $7/NM.

Kundalini Yoga with Guru Amrit
Balances the body, mind, emotions and uplifts the spirit. Its practice produces a deep healing process and a relaxed experience of consciousness. Class focuses on breathing and meditation and involves stretching and cardiovascular exercises.
Fri, 10:45-11:45am. Free/M, $8/NM.

Ashtanga Flow Yoga
A fast-paced, vigorous class based on the principles of Ashtanga. Suitable for active individuals, with any level of experience with yoga. Build strength, endurance, and flexibility while cultivating focus in a moving mediation.

Sat, 9-10:15am. Free/M, $5/NM.

Jazz Dance with Alexandra
Class is designed for beginner dancers looking for an energetic session while having a fun time.  Learn a wide range of moves using a variety of music styles. You will learn basic steps and combos and will develop coordination, balance and strength.
Sat, 10:25am. Free/M, $10/NM.

Brain Longevity Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and meditation can reduce the risk of cognitive decline by 50%. Learn how to balance and activate left and right hemispheres of your brain through yoga and breathing meditation techniques. Instructor: Sasha Briskin.
Oct 2 – Oct 30, 2:45-3:30. $5/M, $8/NM.

Meditation made easy for beginners. Come and feel your inner peace. Class taught by Anne Marie Welsh.
NEW DAY AND TIME – Wed, 10am. $5/M, $8/NM. Starting October 3, 2018

Learn to Use Your iPad & iPhone for Beginners
Learn the basics of your iPhone and iPad.
Thu, 1:30pm. $10/M, $15/NM.

Social Bridge
Do you enjoy Bridge? There is a congenial group who meets every Wednesday who play Rubber Bridge using common standard conventions. Walk-ins welcome!
Wed, 12:30pm. $2/M, $4/NM.

Movie Club: International Films
* All films subject to change without notice.
All showings Wednesdays at 1:30pm. Free/M, $5/NM.

French Conversation
Whether you’re a native Francophone or a proficient French speaker, conversation groups are a fantastic way to keep up your speaking and listening skills  – plus you will make de bons amis.
Tue, 10:30am. FREE/M, $5/NM.

Café Español: Intermediate to Advanced Conversation
Improve, learn and develop your Spanish conversation skills. Class lead by Olga Fabrick, native speaker and trained in Second Language Acquisition Methodology.
Wed, 2:15pm. Free/M, $5/NM.

Svaroopa® Yoga for A Healthy Back
Improve your balance and stamina. Learn how to take yoga into the midst of your life. Yoga poses, deep relaxation and pranayama breathing to decompress and release tension in your whole spine from tail to top. Everyone welcome.
Sat, 2:30-4pm; Wed 9-10:30am. $13/M, $15/NM.

Focuses on hypnotic Latin rhythms and very easy-to-follow moves. The benefits are that it tones, enhances bone density, strength and flexibility, boosts metabolism and improves cognitive functions.
Tue, 8:15am & Fri, 8:30am, $10/M, $12/NM.

Offers a supportive, gently paced and low-impact class in expressive dance. Added benefits of enhancing flexibility, balance, energy, emotional connection and body confidence.
Mon, 9am. $8/M, $13/NM.

Silver Age Yoga
A very gentle style of hatha yoga designed to meet the specific health concerns and challenges seniors face including balance, posture, breathing and stretching.
Tue, 10am with Bob Spindler. Thu, 9am with Carolyn Boline. $4-8 suggested donation.

Deep Yoga Flow
Connects breath to movement, so the physical practice of yoga (asana) becomes a meditation in motion that fosters flexibility, strength, focus and clarity.
Wed, 11am & Sat, 11:30am. $5/M, $10/NM.

Qi Gong Style Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a very gentle exercise that will benefit any age person coping with arthritis in joints by using easy movement to lubricate joints, and lowering high blood pressure by natural calming and relaxation.
Wed, 7pm & Thu, 10:30am. $5/M, $6/NM.

Chair Yoga
This gentle yoga flow class focuses on alignment with attention to breath, movement, and meditation. Poses are practiced on chairs and standing.
Thu, 10:15am. Free class.