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Today La Jolla has about 14,000 residents over age 50. In the decade ahead, this will grow to more than 22,000 – an increase of 60%. The La Jolla Community Center is committed to creating programs of interest to serve this growing community while updating and maintaining the Center to offer programs of significance.

We hope you will consider a fully tax-deductible donation to the La Jolla Community Center to help us continue to do great things for the community. Thank you for your continued support.

A powerful way to make your charitable dollars go farther…

Make a contribution in the form of stock! A gift of stock allows you to save taxes twice! Donating long-term appreciated securities directly to the La Jolla Community Center — rather than selling the assets and then donating the cash proceeds — is one of the best and easiest ways for donors to give more.  By taking advantage of the applicable tax incentives, donors can significantly increase the amount of funds available to them for charitable giving.

A charitable contribution of long-term appreciated securities — i.e. stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds that have realized significant appreciation over time — is one of the most tax-efficient of all ways to give.

Any long-term appreciated securities with unrealized gains (meaning they were purchased more than a year ago, and have a current value greater than their original cost) may be donated to the LJCC and a tax deduction taken for the full fair market value of the securities — up to 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income.

Donating securities, rather than selling them, can avoid capital gains taxes.  The more appreciation the securities have, the greater the tax savings will be.  Gifts of stock must be received by the LJCC before midnight on December 31 to qualify as a 2014 charitable contribution.

If you’d like to help the LJCC with a gift of appreciated stock, please contact Nancy Walters, Executive Director, for delivery instructions to furnish your broker.  You can reach Nancy at (858) 459-0831.

A note from the Executive Director:

Dear Neighbors,

Our mission at the La Jolla Community Center is to provide programs and services that promote lifelong learning, wellness and friendship. It has been our vision and goal to be the “go to” place for adults and seniors to continue to learn throughout their golden years, continue to meet new like-minded individuals and continue to strengthen their minds and bodies through the various programs we offer.

I feel extremely fortunate to be the La Jolla Community Center’s Executive Director because I have had the opportunity to witness the immense growth that the organization has had in the past 8 years. Lives are truly touched and changed here and it is because of your support and generosity that make it possible for us to impact lives.

Did you know that senior isolation increases the risk of mortality and that feelings of loneliness contribute to cognitive decline?

This fact is stunning, but the LJCC is here to help individuals break that isolation.

We have added programs that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline such as Four Pillars of Brain Longevity, Meditation, Mind Fit, Memory Café and a variety of Yoga classes. We have also added a number of new fitness classes for the body and mind such as Music Appreciation, Art Classes, Strength & Flexibility, Stretch & Balance, Pilates and more. And our evening concert series has grown to not only include Jazz and Opera, but Blues & Rock N Roll and Latin Music.

What we have accomplished in this past year is phenomenal, but it would be impossible to do without your support.  From free transportation and membership for low-income seniors to sold out shows – this has truly been an amazing year. But I would say our greatest accomplishment is being able to provide a place for adults and seniors to connect, to pursue lifelong learning and be well in mind and body.

It’s because of community members like you to whom we owe our success. We are inviting you to make your mark on the La Jolla Community Center and help us continue our outstanding programs by giving a tax-deductible financial contribution.

Please support the La Jolla Community Center with a generous gift to our Spring Fundraising efforts!

With gratitude,

Nancy Walters
Executive Director


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