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Fall Bridge Courses

Community Bridge Classes in La Jolla, CA

Better Bridge by FarrThe hand of someone learning to play bridge in our community bridge classes in La Jolla, CA
10 Week Course

Level I: Mondays (Sep 10 – Nov 12) 10:30am – 12:30pm
Rules of Bridge, Scoring, Basic Hand Evaluation, Basic Bidding Guidelines, Basic Playing Guidelines

Level II: Mondays (Sep 10 – Nov 12)  2:30pm – 4:30pm DSC01187
No Trump Opening Bids, Stayman & Transfer Bids, Weak 2 Opening Bids, Preemptive Bids, 2 Clubs Opening Bid

Level III: Tuesdays (Sep 11 – Nov 13) 10:00am – Noon
Review of Beginners I and II, Hand Reevaluation, Competitive Bidding, Overcalls & Doubles, Intervening Bids, Slam Bidding Conventions

Level IV: Thursdays (Sep 13 – Nov 15) 10:00am – NoonDSC01190
Advanced Bidding Methods, Cue Bids, Michaels, Western, Defensive Bidding, Defensive Playing

All courses are 10 week sessions.
$175/M, $200/NM, Instructor: Scott Farr
For questions and/or to register, please call:
(858) 455-5406 or