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Cooking with Chef Maribel

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Lebanese Delicacies
Learn how to cook an authentic Hummus.  We will also prepare delicious grape leaves rolls.
Thu, Dec 7, 11:30am. $30/M, $35/NM

Sealed Tuna Fish with rice noodles
Impress your friends and family with an awesome tuna fish dish served with rice noodles on a Portobello sauce.
Tue, Dec 12, 11am. $30/M, $35/NM

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Cooking with Chef Maribel

About Chef Maribel Otal: Maribel was born in Mexico City.  She studied at the Culinary Institute in Vancouver, Canada and continued her studies at the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City. Maribel worked for various notable restaurants while in Mexico City.  She later started her own successful catering business.

Maribel is a community member of La Jolla where she lives with her daughter, Maria and husband, Fernando.  Maria is attending La Jolla Elementary School and enjoying kindergarten very much.

Maribel is a true believer in cooking with love and passion.  The two ever required ingredients for a successful preparation.