Dr Fitzpatrick

“The Seasons of a Woman’s Life” by Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick

Distinguished Speaker Series presents…
“The Seasons of a Woman’s Life” by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND with Nathalie Colin – Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

dr fitzpatrick Learn how to move through hormonal transitions beginning with menarche and the menstrual cycle, postpartum and the peri- to post menopause transition.  Highlights will include the cyclical nature of women and the challenges we face when out of balance.  Who is at risk for postpartum depression and prevention? Travel through the peri-menopausal journey and look at ways to create greater balance, health and empowerment for the second half of life. Also discussed will be lifestyle, nutrition, botanical support, how to cope with stress and its effects on hormones, plus the safety of bio-identical hormones.  End the evening with a short ritual to honor all women. Dr. Fitzpatrick is an expert on women’s health and hormones and a central practitioner at Pacific Pearl La Jolla.
Tue, May 30. Reception 5pm, Lecture 6pm.
Wine and hors d’oeuvres served. Free, open to all. Registration required.

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Nathalie Colin will be performing at Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick’s May 30th presentation at La Jolla Community Center.
nathalie colin

Nathalie is a qualified Sound Healing practitioner, who has completed an advanced training offered by The Diane Mandle Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School operated by Sound Energy Healing (Encinitas, CA).

Nathalie offers a diversity of individual and group sessions using a variety of Himalayan instruments, more specifically high quality ancient Tibetan singing bowls.

Bowls are struck and sung in specific rhythmic patterns. The high frequencies sounds produced by the bowls help releasing blockages and activate a cellular movement from disharmony (stress, disease, pain, suffering, disorders) to harmony, restoring a perfect vibratory frequency in the body. Enchantingsoundtherapy@gmail.com