First Class Free

Your First Class is FREE

Try ANY of the following classes for FREE!* Try One or Try All!
*Only in January and only your FIRST class is free. New students only.

Learn to Use Your iPad & iPhone
Learn the basics of your iPhone and iPad and take advantage of what technology has to offer! Use your iPhone or iPad in your everyday life to accelerate your world. Connect with friends, family or use it for events and reminders.
Mon, 10:30am and Thu, 1:30pm. $10/M, $15/NM.

Balance Class with Kyoko – Classes begin Jan 13!
Do you want to improve your balance? Do you have a fear of falling? If so, get ready to improve with this interactive balance class! Receive information on preventative exercises and techniques to keep your balance throughout the day.
Fri, 10am. FREE/M, $8/NM.

Ashtanga Flow Yoga
A fast-paced, vigorous class based on the principles of Ashtanga. Suitable for active individuals, with any level of experience with yoga. Build strength, endurance, and flexibility while cultivating focus in a moving mediation.
Sat, 9-10:15am. Free/M, $5/NM.

Kundalini Yoga
Focuses on breathing and meditation and involves stretching and cardiovascular exercises.
Fri, 11:15am. Free/M, $8/NM.

Deep Yoga Flow
Connects breath to movement, so the physical practice of Yoga (asana) becomes a meditation in motion that fosters flexibility, strength, focus and clarity.
Wed, 11am & Sat, 11:30am. $5/M, $10/NM.

Qi Gong Style Tai Chi – Classes begin Wed, Jan 11!
T’ai Chi is a very gentle exercise that will benefit any age person coping with arthritis in joints by using easy movement to lubricate joints, and lowering high blood pressure by natural calming and relaxation.
Wed, 7pm & Thu, 10:30am. $5/M, $6/NM.

Focuses on hypnotic Latin rhythms and very easy-to-follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness program. Benefits: tones, enhances bone density, strength and flexibility, boosts metabolism and improves cognitive functions.
Tue at 8:15am & Fri at 8:30am, $10/M, $12/NM.

Line Dancing – Classes begin Mon, Jan 9!
It’s not just for two but for everyone! Come experience a fun workout while learning new and favorites dances taught by Pat Murray.
Mon & Thu, 1pm. $5/M, $7/NM. Registration and payment in advance required for January classes.

Ico-Dance – Classes begin Mon, Jan 9!
Ico-Dance offers a supportive, gently paced and low-impact class in expressive dance.  Added benefits of enhancing flexibility, balance, energy, emotional connection and body confidence.
Mon, 9am. $7/M, $12/NM.

Guided Primordial Sound Meditation
Meditation made easy for beginners. Come and feel your inner peace. Taught by Michelle Stallone-Eggers, Chopra Center Certified Instructor.
Tue, 4:45pm. $5/M, $8/NM.

Functional Flow Yoga
This new class involves poses that promote healthy joints, strength building, stretching, conscious breathing, meditation and deep relaxation. Benefits include: increase d energy, stress relief, better breath, improved mobility to enhance daily life.
Fri, 9:45-10:45am. $7/M, $10/NM.

Svaroopa® Yoga***
Based on core release and spinal decompression using precise alignments to create an inner opening from the base of the spine to the top. Every class includes the healing benefits of guided awareness, pranayama breathing and poses. Everyone is welcome.
Wed 9-10:30am. Sat, 2:30-4pm. $13/M, $15/NM.
please show up 10-15 minutes before class begins so you can be assisted with set up.