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Music Appreciation

Meditation and Music: 1st Edition Chris Burns
Music nourishes our emotional and cognitive health. During this hour you’ll experience the peace that accompanies mindful meditation accompanied by music. Musical selections will include classical, Celtic, and a variety of other genres. There will also be the opportunity to reflect on the wisdom of Western and Eastern philosophers. Meditation, music, and thoughtful reflection will enrich your day.
Thu, Dec 8, 1pm. $12/M, $15/NM.
Registration required. (858) 459-0831. Minimum 8 students.


Music Appreciation: Focus on Chamber Music

What is Music? How does music make you feel? Does music make you feel nostalgic?music-appreciation-pic

If you have a natural aptitude for music you will enjoy classes with Polina Sisman, an accomplished pianist and pedagogue.  She will present an insightful glimpse into the world of music. Listening to the music played by Polina or listening to recordings with her guidance will advance your appreciation and understanding of music.  Chamber music will be the main focus.

Nov 18:
Elements of Music. Chamber Music during Baroque Period
Dec 2:  Elements of Music, Sound in Rhythm. String Quartets, Classical Period
Dec 9: Elements of Music, Sound, Rhythm and Form. Romantic Quintets
Fri, Nov 18, Dec 2 and Dec 9, 12:30pm. $30/M for 3 part series, $40/NM for 3 part series.
Walk-Ins $12/M, $15/NM.
Classes are slightly progressive.

Registration Required at 858-459-0831

About Your Instructor: Mrs. Polina Sisman moved to San Diego in 1989 from the former Soviet Union. A native of Lviv, Ukraine, she polinaearned an Honorable Bachelor Diploma in Music and Conducting from Kolessa Music Pedagogy College. While in college Mrs. Sisman was privileged to study piano under the guidance of Maria Kokotailo, now an esteemed Professor at the Wroclaw Music Academy in Poland. After her arrival in the United States Polina enhanced her pedagogic skills at San Diego State University under the tutelage of Professor Nancy McDonald.

Mrs. Sisman has worked as an accompanist for the California Ballet Company, Dance Department of Grossmont College, Campobello Dance Co. Mexico, and Ballet des Arts International, Montreal, Canada. Mrs. Sisman was chosen to accompany for Master Classes of the legendary dancers Maya Plisetskaya and Alonso King.

Currently Mrs. Sisman works as an accompanist and teaches Music Appreciation Classes for Dancers at San Diego Civic Youth Ballet.

Mrs. Sisman has been a member of the Music Teachers Association of California since 1993, and has award winning students in Lviv, Ukraine and San Diego. She teaches students of all levels and backgrounds at her private studio.

Mrs. Sisman brings knowledge and understanding of music thorough inspiration, patience, passion, and enthusiasm. Her students frequently join her at the symphony and often bring their musical talents to the rehabilitation centers and senior homes.