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Politically Influential First Ladies of the Modern Era

Agendas and Causes Influential First Ladies
Join us for this fascinating course for a look into the political influences the First Ladies had in history! Each course will focus on a different First Lady and will discuss a variety of topics including:

Influence on husband’s political career from election to white house years
Relationship with husband: Image vs reality
Vicarious Achievement vs. spousal support
Position on sensitive national issues, loyalty to husband vs. personal belief/ public interest
Commitment to women’s issues, preserver of status quo or path breaker

Course taught by Dr. Parvine Ghaffari, Retired Prof. of History, San Diego Miramar College.

Each class is on Wednesday from 1:30-3:00 p.m.
Reservation Required. Class is subject to cancellation if reservations are not made in advance.

June 1: Eleanor Roosevelt
June 8: Lady Bird Johnson
June 15: Rosalynn Carter:  Class Canceled
June 22: Nancy Reagan
June 29: Roundtable: Contemporary First Ladies
5 Week Course, $5/M, $10/NM per class.